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Proud to serve the financial services community for over 34 years.

Today marketing is an integrated, not isolated, function guided by data and focused on results. As a central hub for customer, community, and media information, it’s a big job to gauge why and how attitudes, buying patterns, and expectations are changing. Yet these are critical for company-wide initiatives such as digital transformation, improving customer experience, and building sustainable value.

We’re here to help you leverage and embrace these new opportunities—make them relevant, integrated, and measurable for your organization.

For over three decades, we’ve helped 30+ financial services firms uncover and apply behavioral insights to build their brand impact, deliver better customer experiences, increase revenue from cross-selling efforts, and improve marketing effectiveness. It all starts by analyzing data on how audiences think and feel—not just what they do or buy—and adjusting marketing strategies, messages, and tactics accordingly.      

The Anderson Group also is proud to be a preferred provider of the PA Bankers Association, a designation few other firms like ours have achieved.

Financial segments


Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions

Competition today isn’t just retail and commercial banks in the neighborhood. Consumer and business needs and expectations continue to change. Meanwhile, banks generally are earning less in terms of ROA, ROE, NIM, and other metrics.

No wonder marketing teams feel pressured to find new ideas and cost-effective solutions to:

• Generate profitable deposit and loan growth
• Cross-sell all lines of business
• Build differentiated brands
• Improve marketing effectiveness

We’ve helped financial institutions of all sizes and with differing focuses use our behavior-led approach to make the most of their marketing opportunities and resources. Our behavioral-led approach also delivers unique perspectives on building brand influence, improving customer/user experiences, and developing data-driven solutions.

Penn Community Bank - Content Development

Growing financial pressures from COVID-19 on families and small businesses prompted Penn Community Bank to commission two white papers for community education and distribution. It wasn’t enough to provide good financial advice; people and businesses needed to regain confidence in themselves and follow an effective action plan.

Our team has unique experience in helping people change attitudes and adopt positive habits. Tone of voice and word choice can make the difference between people accepting or dismissing good advice. Direct, clear instructions also make it easier to try new behaviors that, over time, become good daily habits.

The biggest impact on content was moving from “building financial literacy” to helping people “build financial resilience.” Good or bad, the word “literacy” triggers a negative self-image—the opposite of what Penn Community Bank wanted to achieve—especially for those who need help the most.

Community response was immediate and very positive from area residents and businesses alike. As COVID continues to impact our society and economy, these white papers remain a valuable resource and proof of Penn Community’s commitment to their community.  

Bank of America—Digital Asset Management System

Early in our relationship, our team transformed a modest online ordering system into Bank of America’s first digital asset management system. The goal not only was to make it easier for bank offices nationwide to order literature, merchandise, and point-of-sale materials, but also ensure brand consistency, content accuracy, and regulatory compliance.

Initially we populated this “Off the Shelf” digital warehouse with headlines, photos, copy, ad templates, and printed materials that enabled greater regional personalization of sponsorship ads and line-of-business promotions. Over time, various cross-selling tools supporting all types of retail and commercial lines-of-business were added along with on-demand printing and fulfillment.

As technology improved, so did the scope and range of our recommendations. Eventually, Off the Shelf served as the regional banking hub for trade show displays, sales presentations, marketing tools, merchandizing materials, and much more—saving Bank of America tens of millions of dollars every year.

While this system ultimately was replaced and managed in-house, it shows how our team can employ new technologies in unexpected and cost-effective ways.  

Payment Processing

For decades, Merchant Services was considered a rather static and modestly profitable line-of-business. Today, it’s a highly competitive, rapidly changing commercial banking service valued as highly by customers as their checking and line-of-credit accounts.

Our partnership with one of the nation’s largest payment processing firms began by conducting a behavioral study on key purchase drivers and decision-making. At the time, most banks competed with other providers on price alone, resulting in high customer turn-over and only limited cross-selling success.

After uncovering a customer need the bank already met but rarely promoted, we revised its value proposition and marketing position. The result—in less than a year, customer retention improved by over 70%, and cross-selling opportunities rose by 50%.

Ultimately, as their agency of record for over 14 years, we launched a series of new products including Clover Station®, TransArmor® Solution, EMV®, Apply Pay®, Mobile Pay options, and many more. We also developed communication programs, trade show materials, digital ads, and marketing tools targeting small-to-global businesses, franchises, and associations.

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Payment Processing

Investments/Wealth Management

Investments/Wealth Management

Connors Investor Services, Inc., is a Registered  Investment Advisory firm headquartered in Pennsylvania since 1969. The firm’s emphasis on equity management, options-based strategies and small company portfolios allows this boutique-sized firm to stand out among a crowded competitive field. 

For over thirty years, we’ve helped Connors build client relationships, launch new services, open new markets, and steadily grow their business—utilizing traditional and now digital marketing channels.

In 1969, Connors celebrated 50 years of serving their clients and the community. In commemoration, we not only introduced a new brand logo and identity system but also produced a one minute “Welcome” video featuring their president, Peter Connors, for their newly refreshed website.

Connors Investor Services was our firm’s very first client. Over 30 years later, they remain a true partner whose continue growth and success we’re proud to celebrate. 

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The PA Treasury Bureau of Savings Programs oversees one of the nation’s largest college savings plans, called PA529 Savings Accounts. The goal is to help families overcome the fear and burden of saving for higher education.

In 2020, to celebrate their annual 529 Day, we launched a one month “blitz campaign” starting in May to attract attention and generate new program enrollments.  

Mining the behavioral data tracked in an analytic dashboard we set up earlier in the year, we helped reposition the media mix and revised the messaging and graphics. Rather than just remind parents why it’s important to start saving early, we focused on the “rewarding finish” and career opportunities every parent dreams their children could enjoy as adults. By portraying a mix of occupations that require different types of higher education, the new campaign also communicated that a PA529 Savings Account applies to trade schools and online learning as well as for college.

Positive results began the first week the campaign started and continued to build—ultimately increasing the number of website visits by 130% and generating a record-setting volume of new program enrollment. Public reaction was so encouraging that the Bureau of Savings Programs plans to continue building on this approach in 2021 and beyond.

Working with the Treasury Bureau’s media partner, AG also provided insight into reaching new audiences through untried  media vehicles, including bus and train advertising in more urban settings.

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