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Connors Investor Services

Celebrating half a century of making dreams a reality.


Differentiate and grow relationships, despite fierce competition.

Connors Investor Services was our very first client and remains a valued friend and partner. Early on, the firm’s emphasis on research was a key brand differentiator. As the firm expanded beyond small company portfolio management to equity management and options-based strategies, a different message was needed to increase their distinctiveness. Like so many “wealth management” firms, building and growing relationships are the goal for every marketing and communications effort. We established a brand platform and positioning that emphasized their experience, approach to investing, commitment to their community, and personalized customer experience. Over the years, this strategic foundation has adapted well to dramatic economic shifts and ever-changing client expectations. In 2019, Connors celebrated 50 years of serving their clients and the community. In commemoration, we not only introduced a new brand logo and identity system but also produced a 2-minute “Welcome” video featuring their president, Peter Connors, for their newly refreshed website.

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Creative Strategy
Graphic Design
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Connors Investor Services has maintained steady growth and a stellar reputation within the industry, the communities it serves, and particularly with its clients and associates.