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Bank of America

Digital Asset Management System


Improve staff access to current marketing tools and materials nationwide.

Providing marketing materials for over 700 offices nationwide is a big job—but keeping them brand consistent and regulatory compliant is an even bigger challenge. Long before digital asset management systems were commonplace, our team helped Bank of America transform a basic online ordering system into an efficient, cost-effective distribution hub. The first digital “warehouse” called Off the Shelf provided headlines, photos, copy, templates, and printed materials that enabled regional personalization for sponsorship ads and line-of-business promotions. Over time, cross-selling tools supporting all types of retail and commercial options were added along with on-demand printing and fulfillment. As technology improved, Off the Shelf became THE regional resource for trade show displays, sales presentations, merchandizing materials, and promotional items. Equally important, all materials were kept current, compliant, and on brand.

Project Types

Brand Identity
Corporate Communications
Digital Marketing Strategy
Creative Strategy
Marketing Dashboards
Media Strategy
Print Advertising
Event Graphics