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We showed parents that a bright future starts early.



Our client wanted to encourage parents to plan for career opportunities while their children are young.

Families, especially parents, know that saving for higher education is one of the most important things that they can do for their children. With the rising costs of secondary education, they also think that that is it one of the most stressful and impossible tasks that they face. Our client, The PA Treasury Bureau of Savings Programs, oversees one of the nation’s largest college savings plans, called PA529 Savings Accounts. In addition, they manage Keystone Scholars, another program designed to kick-start the savings process that provides $100 to all PA newborns. The goal is to help families overcome the fear and burden of saving for higher education. Every May 29th, they host their “Annual 529 Day” to encourage families to open a new account and start saving. This year, they asked AG to help them turn a one-day promotion into a “one month blitz” and provide new creative that elicits a positive action for both programs.

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Knowing that the key to success is starting when children are young, past advertising showed young children with “Start Now” messaging. AG developed campaigns that focused on the end result of saving early—which is graduation and/the great career that could achieve as an adult. By portraying a mix of occupations that require different types of higher education, the new campaign also communicated that a PA529 Savings Account applies to trade schools and online learning as well as for colleges. Most importantly, by showing diversity in the concepts, AG displayed that PA529 Accounts are for everyone. Working with the Treasury Bureau’s media partner, AG also provided insight into reaching new audiences through untried media vehicles, including bus and train advertising in more urban settings.


Record-setting Enrollment

Positive results began the first week the campaign started and continued to build—ultimately increasing the number of website visits and generating a record-setting volume of new program enrollment and contributions. Public reaction was so encouraging that the Bureau of Savings Programs plans to continue building on this approach in 2021 and beyond.

website visits increase

Website visits were up 130% compared to June 2020.
increase in new accounts

The number of new account opened was significantly higher compared to the same month in 2020.
higher contributions

June 2021 contributions were 26% higher compared to June 2020.