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“Listen In” On Your Customers With Social SOV Data

Listen In On Your Customers

January 29, 2020  |  By: Anderson Group

Metrics are getting more and more sophisticated these days, and that’s welcome news for marketers. Take Share of Voice (SoV), for instance.

Social share of voice opens the door to valuable insights into the conversations that are happening online about your brand and your industry in the marketplace. With SoV data, you can gain a clearer picture of your customers’ behavior and conversations in real-time, so you can effectively engage with them on their terms.

Vanity metrics have their purpose, but an effective SoV program complements and builds upon the data your marketing teams rely on to meet their objectives by:

  • Improving existing and new customer segmentation
  • Improving campaign timing
  • Uncovering whether messages need to change, support, or suggest new perceptions or behaviors
  • Supporting campaign media channel selection and investment

Using this knowledge to adapt products or develop new offerings to match the conversations people are having is a cornerstone to staying relevant, offering value, and keeping target audiences enamored with your brand.

To learn more about Share of Voice, along with the building blocks for aligning with your customers’ mindset, check out our white paper “Listening In: Using Share of Voice Data to Understand Customer Behavior.”