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How You Can Shake Up Your Social Media

How You Can Shake Up Your Social Marketing

October 16, 2019  |  By: Anderson Group

Day after day, you post and post. You’re getting the same results, the same gradual growth or, worse, you’re shrinking!

Well, here are a few things you can do to tweak your social media strategy to shake things up, so you, your followers and fans stay engaged.

Go Live on Your Social Channel

The whole point of social media is to connect—what’s a more immediate way to do that than streaming live to your followers? Social media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch all offer ways to stream live from your phone or computer.

You could use this function to give a behind-the-scenes look at the business, cover an in-person event, or answer questions from followers. You’ll be able to provide insights faster than it would take to present thoughts in a written format. Plus, you can build relationships, authenticity, and trust by interacting directly and showing there are real people at the heart of your company.

If you do choose to stream live on social media, make sure the person who represents your company comes off as authentic. A heavily scripted performance can turn off followers who want content with a less-produced feel. You’ll also want to let followers know when you’re going live (especially early on, when followers might not be accustomed to your company sharing information this way).

micro-influencer explains product

Nano influencers

Influencers continue to be a tremendous opportunity for marketing and companies on social media. However, as the power of Macro and Mega influencers rises (there are also Micro and Mid-Tier), so too will their costs. That makes influencers who service smaller, more engaged niches more powerful if you have to spend your budget carefully.

Enter nano influencers, who usually have between 1,000-5,000 followers. Just as you can target your social ads toward the most appropriate audience, you can look to nano influencers to recommend and promote your product or service to a highly relevant audience for a fee that fits your budget. 

Though a nano influencer’s fan base is smaller, followers are usually more authentic and engaged – most feel they’re taking advice from a close friend. Better yet, nano influencers are typically more approachable (fame has yet to influence these influencers), making them easier to work with and contact.

instagram stickers
Try Using Instagram Story Stickers

Instagram has plenty of fun little tools you can use to add some variety to posts.

  • Build interest with countdown stickers. A countdown sticker can create anticipation for an important upcoming announcement or event.

  • Add a hashtag sticker. If you’re using a hashtag your followers would like to learn more about, a hashtag sticker lets them tap to view related content.

  • Add a current weather or time sticker. If you’re hosting an in-person event or at a trade show, share the weather at the location to draw followers in (as long as it’s nice!). 
  • Expand your fundraising efforts with donation stickers. If you’re raising money for a cause, the donation sticker is a no-brainer. You select the non-profit you want to benefit and brand the fundraiser to match the name you’re already using in your marketing efforts.

 Instagram offers a variety of fun stickers to help you make sharing your photos and videos even more unique. Be sure to check all of them out here.

Don’t Be Afraid to Dump
Marketers and their companies have plenty of social media options, from all-in-one platforms to those that focus on photos and videos. You probably don’t have a profile on every platform (especially if your customers and prospects don’t use them all).This year might be a good time to drop an account that’s not performing for you, or if your analytics/research tell you that customers/prospects have moved elsewhere. Without engagement, your social media presence starts to look dead. At first, try scaling back the content you produce, take a break, or stop posting on the account entirely. Just be sure to let the followers who are still loyal to you know where the content is fresh. If you choose to dump an account, you’ll free up resources to research and tackle a new platform that better connects with your ideal audience, or boost one that’s performing well.