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Strategic Brand Development

Tactics beyond the screen that engage target audiences and get results.

Reaching broader audiences with traditional marketing solutions is still an integral part of any marketing plan that strives to build both short-term sales and long-term brand value. At Anderson Group, we know how to bring to life unexpected, creative solutions that resonate with target audiences and motivate decision-making. From small, one-off projects to fully integrated campaigns, we deliver traditional creative marketing and advertising solutions that make emotional connections to keep you top of mind – now, and well into the future.

Video and Photography

Video and Photography

We handle all aspects of producing video for a variety of mediums, including broadcast TV, YouTube, Vimeo, social media, websites, and retail experiences. We use video shoots as an opportunity to gather additional video content that can be used in other formats. We also edit our production videos so they can be used in multiple formats and channels. The most important aspect of our video production is the effect it has on its target audience and its effectiveness as a marketing tactic. 

  • Digital Video and Broadcast TV
  • Brand, Lifestyle, Social and Event Photography
  • Animation and Motion Graphics
  • Editing and Music Selection
  • Talent and Voice Casting

Identity Development

To help clients express their brands’ true essence, we implement a collaborative process that defines an aesthetic framework. This guide, which includes typography, palettes, icons, photography, textures, messaging and more – helps clients stay true to their core standards as they continue to grow their business.

  • brand strategy
  • logo and identity development
  • brand asset development
  • brand launch materials
  • brand guidelines
Identity Development

Print and Collateral

Print and Collateral

Telling a brand’s story in a limited space that can quickly pique a customer's interest requires expertise. We have the talent needed to help brands create impact,  break through and differentiate themselves.

  • brand collateral
  • promotional materials
  • advertisements
  • editorial design
  • icons and illustrations

Packaging and Displays

Whether it's for a product that sits on a shelf or a trade show booth that has to grab attention within a vast convention center, this area of expertise demands creative and design that stands out in a crowded space. Expertise we can deliver.

  • packaging
  • in-store promo materials
  • interior and exterior signage
  • expo, trade show displays and environments
  • in-store digital experiences
Packaging and Displays

Out Of Home (OOH)

Out Of Home (OOH)

To reach key audiences quickly, we can take your brand's message and boil it down to its very essence. We can also say it and design it in a way that makes your target audiences notice, remember and act –- all to help you achieve your desired results.

  • Billboards
  • Signage
  • Banners

Trade Shows

Attracting a large crowd is the goal at any trade show. Because the more traffic our client can drive to their booth, the more opportunities they'll have to generate leads and increase sales. At AG, we have extensive experience in creating unique displays, one-of-a-kind experiences, and creative, award-winning videos for trade shows that stop attendees in their proverbial tracks.

  • full-scale booth design and development
  • videos
  • 3-D displays and experiences
Trade Shows