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Our natural gas client wanted to make a big impression on a small group of potential customers.

The “green” vehicle most of us think of first is the electric car. But for fleet managers, it often involves compressed natural gas (CNG). Our client, UGI, a natural gas and electric utility company serving roughly 700,000 customers in PA and MD, is focused on adding CNG fuel stations across their service territory. With their sights already set on a small group of 80 prospects, they approached us to help them create a four-part direct-mail campaign: Two custom box mailers (including a branded specialty item) and two postcards (featuring case studies). After presenting several creative options, our client settled on a concept.

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There are major perks for converting a fleet to CNG, which our Yeti Rambler playfully conveyed. This was the specialty item we sent to prospects in the first mailer, along with a brochure that made the case for converting to CNG. In the last mailer, we came full circle, sending a UGI-branded bag of fresh coffee beans from a local roaster in Lancaster, PA. In between, we mailed postcards featuring the CNG success stories of Waste Management and The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. In the end, the direct-mail campaign was delivered to UGI within four short months, from kick-off to delivery. The campaign’s success spawned additional work, including a pitch packet for UGI’s major account reps.

Designing custom boxes with unique shapes and sizes for the tumbler and coffee bag was not only a lot of fun to design. It helped deliver a more impactful and memorable campaign.