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We engaged. Fans followed.



Our client needed to build robust social media followings for their six aquatics brands from scratch.

To build highly enthusiastic and loyal fan bases for Tetra®, Marineland®, Instant Ocean®, Tetra® Pond, Tetrafauna® and GloFish®, we knew we had to focus on pursuing long-term repeat engagement, not just one-and-done "likes." In the fall of 2010, we began to build a following of loyal customers on Facebook organically. Knowing that “likes” was a hollow metric, we focused on "engagement rates.” By slowly building a smaller, more active following over time, we were able to build a solid fan base. Because of this, we have consistently been able to push through the many algorithm changes with excellent results. In addition to Facebook, AG has expanded Spectrum's social media efforts for all six brands, making Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube additional go-to sources of information and inspiration for loyal fans.

Project Types

Public Relations
Digital Marketing Strategy
Graphic Design
Art Direction
Email Campaign
Digital Marketing
Social Media
Social Monitoring & Execution

Perhaps one of the most critical components of our client's successful social media campaigns is the in-depth knowledge brought to this initiative. Using our Behavioral Marketing Lens along with years of data we were able to understand what makes them tick, what content they're looking for, what they want to learn and what captivates them. By leveraging Spectrum's email list of over 280,000 aquatics hobbyists and developing social strategies that include the right mix of educational, inspirational and entertaining content, contests & giveaways, offers, as well as targeted online marketing, we drove traffic to our client's different social media platforms. A successful targeted paid reach program, via boosted posts, has also been purposely incorporated into Spectrum’s social strategies to help attract loyal followers.

We created and curated all page content for all six Spectrum Aquatics brands, as well as monitored and interacted with consumers on a daily basis. We continually measured/monitored the social page and analyzed key metrics daily. Every quarter, we would deliver a detailed report to determine the effectiveness of each brand’s consumer messaging. Key metrics included post engagement rate, consumer sentiment, followers as well as organic and paid reach.


Impact, by the numbers.

Average Facebook engagement rates ranging from 6% to 12+% (average engagement rates for a corporate Facebook page tends to be about 3-4%). 12+% organic fan growth on Facebook each year. 217% increase in organic reach over previous years. 61% growth on Pinterest over the past year. 22% more views on YouTube. Daily reach topping 100,000+ social media users, with over 6.5 million impressions across all active social media channels.