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Standing out from the crowd.


Sleeping on the right pillow can improve your health and well-being. But choosing the right pillow isn’t easy—you can’t return it after it’s been used, so you need to rely on the packaging to guide your decision.

When Therapedic approached us to redesign their pillow packaging for a major retailer, we knew the packaging had to convey a lot of information quickly and easily. But how do consumers really “compare and choose” a new pillow? Did they read the package before or after they squeezed the pillow? How many pillows would they look at before buying?

Finally, since most people don’t buy a new pillow as often as they should, was anybody there to help them?

On our own buying expedition, three “eye-openers” immediately stood out:
• Most pillow packaging looked very much the same—a sea of fluffy white row after row.
• Virtually all pillow packaging “said” the same things, making it hard for consumers to compare brands (other than by price).
• Only a few packaging options connected the product to the consumer’s end goal—waking up feeling comfortable and well-rested.