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2018 Brand Campaign


We put capes on dogs and kids to show the real hero – the floor.



Our client needed to get the word out about their revolutionary pet-friendly products.

The number one reason people don’t buy carpet is that they have pets and are afraid the pets will stain or ruin their carpet. With STAINMASTER® brand's breakthrough PetProtect® luxury vinyl tile (one of the flooring industry's hottest products) this is a stigma they’ve been able to overcome. However, STAINMASTER® knows that some rooms just feel better with carpet. That's why they also offer retailers PetProtect® carpet, which give customers the creative freedom to make choices based on style preference, not fear. At AG, we had the good fortune of helping STAINMASTER® showcase their new pet-friendly products through an integrated sales promotion.

Project Types


In the carpet and flooring industry, sales promotions are standard practice. They’re also highly competitive. Since STAINMASTER® brand's innovative products are offered at higher quality retailers, their sales promotions cannot be cheesy or low-end. They have to be reflective of the brand and must move the needle for their retailers. That's why their PetProtect® promotion was not only expansive but also included a unique event each dealer could host. The integrated campaign included a variety of promotional items – from toolkits, sales sheets, email campaign and banner ads to posters, website sliders, table tents and more.

STAINMASTER's Sit Stay Save Promotion also included an actual pet adoption event, which dealers jumped at the chance to host.

AG wanted to make the pet adoption event fun and memorable, offering a chance for event-goers to take something home with them. So in addition to creating promotional materials, including outdoor standees and fire hydrant paw sticker, we also made STAINMASTER® branded capes for their superhero pets. We also handed out small stuffed animals for the kids.


Dealers asked for a sales promotion encore.

Upon taking a survey after the run of the sale promotion, key retailers made their opinion know: They wanted to continue with the "superhero" theme for the next selling season.