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PA 529 and Keystone Scholars


We put capes on dogs and kids to show the real hero – the floor.



Our client needed support launching their revolutionary pet-friendly products.

The number one reason people don’t buy carpet is that they have pets and are afraid the pets will stain or ruin their carpet. With STAINMASTER® brand's breakthrough PetProtect® luxury vinyl tile (one of the flooring industry's hottest products) this is a stigma they’ve been able to overcome. However, STAINMASTER® knows that some rooms just feel better with carpet. That's why they also offer retailers PetProtect® carpet, which gives customers the creative freedom to make choices based on style preference, not fear. At AG, we had the good fortune of helping STAINMASTER® showcase their new pet-friendly products through an integrated sales promotion, which was instrumental in getting the product accepted into the market.

Project Types

Creative Strategy
Graphic Design
Art Direction
Direct Mail
Point of Purchase Display

STAINMASTER® focused primarily on STAINMASTER® FLOORING CENTERS, which were their elite dealer network of approximately 250 stores. However, STAINMASTER® also knew that ALL dealers had to be excited to sell it. At the time they approached us, STAINMASTER® had already invested, produced and were running a national TV spot featuring PetProtect carpet as well as a little boy and dog actively (and carelessly) playing, both wearing superhero capes. Keeping in mind that integrated campaigns have more impact than separate one-offs, we created the “Sit, Stay and Save” event around the little boy and dog. The in-store merchandising kit we developed included posters, wall banners, carpet stickers, and floor clings. Additionally, we created promotional elements that encouraged dealers to host their own "Pet Adoption Event" in conjunction with this promotion. The "Be a Hero" event significantly drove traffic to each store that hosted one. Since the product was only a year old, an incentive program was also part of the program where year-over-year sales were rewarded. Retailers were put into 1 of 5 classes, depending on the size of their store: Great Danes, Labs, Collies, Beagles and Pugs. The stores that showed the highest growth from sales were rewarded with a cash bonus, ranging from $20K for the Great Danes to $5K for the Pugs.

STAINMASTER's Sit, Stay & Save Promotion also included an actual pet adoption event, which dealers jumped at the chance to host.

AG wanted to make the pet adoption event fun and memorable, offering a chance for event-goers to take something home with them. So we created additional promotional materials, including outdoor standees and fire hydrant paw stickers. We also made STAINMASTER® branded capes for their superhero pets and handed out small stuffed animals for the kids.


The promotion had an overall 5% lift nationwide in the 15,000 participating stores.

Each of the winning stores experienced over 40% growth and, more importantly, STAINMASTER’s essential SFC network experienced over 50% growth per store. The entire promotion generated an additional $10-15M in sales across all retailers.

Not bad for a $50,000 budget.