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Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation

2021 Face Mask Contest


Helping children put their best face forward during the pandemic.

Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation provides opportunities for its community to embrace healthier lifestyles through grants to a variety of local programs and learning initiatives. They also have their own health initiatives to benefit schools, workplaces, and families. And one of those initiatives for schools sought to encourage children to wear masks in a fun and engaging way. The pandemic situation has been stressful enough for adults, imagine how it affects children. Children deal with stress differently that adults, not to mention they are impressionable, especially young children. Which is why we felt that engaging them in something as serious as a life-saving practice could go a long way in creating a responsible and caring individual later on in life.

Project Types

Creative Strategy
Graphic Design
Art Direction
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Website Design & Development
Content Development

Our concept was to have children in elementary, middle and high schools in the Foundation's Tri-County Area design masks, create art on them and compete in a contest. Give them the opportunity to design and/or decorate their mask however they see fit. Remove the fear factor, make it creative, make it fun. To engage school administrations, faculty members, teachers, parents and students, we created a digital flyer with all contest details, timing, prizes and regulations, and created awareness and sign-up details via social media. The website was developed for online registration, along with a portal to upload mask submissions, which was posted on a Facebook gallery where the public could vote for their favorite student creations in each of four categories.


Creative and Fun Photo Submissions

Judges reviewed a total of 199 entries from 35 elementary, middle and high schools. Three winners were picked from each “CheckList Challenge” category. Thanks to all the amazing students who submitted entries in the School Wellness Challenge Face Mask Contest!

Reach across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram was 9.5k