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My Aquarium App Integrated Launch Campaign

Knoebels Amusement Resort

We made family friendly the family friendliest.



Our client wanted to remind families that Knoebels is more than just rides.

Knoebels Amusement Resort is a different kind of destination. First, it’s located in the beautiful mountains of Elysburg, Pennsylvania, a remote part of the state. Second, it’s a family-owned park that doesn’t focus on the latest, greatest, fastest, sleekest or high tech-iest things out there. Instead, it values nostalgia, affordability and the memories that come from families being together. One of the best parts of Knoebels is the numerous stories of families that have been passionate visitors for generations. When grandparents can share their memories and ride their favorite childhood rides with their grandchildren, you know that you have something special. Knoebels is also pet-friendly, and there is no cost for admission to the amusement park – so you can walk around the park all day if you prefer, taking in the sights, shade and outdoors, free of charge.

Project Types

Public Relations

The goal of the campaign was to communicate that Knoebels is a one-of-a-kind resort filled with fun, affordable activities for the whole family, including a campground, pool, golf course and restaurant. We researched everything from Knoebels' history, to their online reviews, to what people were discussing on their social channels. We came away with one resounding conclusion: this was a destination for all ages, for all time.

“We strategically planned the production of the video to include several shorter cuts of the main broadcast spot, allowing us to create a series of videos to promote on their social media channels."

Kevin Clarkin , Director of Client Services