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Hope Rescue Mission

We created a vision to help share a mission.



Our client had a compelling story and an urgent need to create greater awareness.

Each year, over 1,000 men are provided food, shelter, spiritual and vocational counseling by Hope Rescue Mission. With the goal of seeing them restored to a productive life, case managers identify and coordinate support for the wide range of factors that led to each man’s homelessness — including addiction, mental health, legal and financial struggles. While there is awareness of the mission in the general public, with the pandemic and impending cold weather they expect the demand will be bigger than ever. This is accomplished with no government funding. Instead, they rely on the love and generosity of people who choose to donate to this fight against homelessness.

Project Types

Creative Strategy
Graphic Design

Anderson Group was tasked with creating a video designed to not only solicit funds from individuals, businesses, and churches but also to share a few stories of the men that reside at the mission, and show the passion of the men and women that work there every day. To learn more or donate to the Hope Rescue Mission, visit hopeforreading.org.

We had to make the difficult decision to cancel our largest fundraising event of the year. Instead of hosting a virtual banquet, we chose to partner with Anderson Group to create a well-made and meaningful video to share the stories of the homeless individuals in our community. We believed this would be our best chance of raising the end of year support that we need. This video has been shared on social media, through email campaigns, in churches and local businesses, and in small in-home gatherings. We have already reached thousands with this video, compared to the 800 we would have reached during our in-person banquet.

Hillary Detwiler , Development Director – Hope Rescue Mission