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We set our sights on securing special ops.



Our priority was to make sure the quality of the materials matched, or exceeded, the quality of the M3X products.

DTech Labs, a subdivision of CUBIC Mission Solutions, is a designer, manufacturer and integrator of a range of deployable and tactical secure networking solutions. Their breadth of products meets the diverse mission requirements of our military, government, first responders and civilian/commercial customers around the world. Specifically, DTech’s M3 family of products showcases the lab’s commitment to providing solutions that are Mobile, Modular and Micro. The client approached AG in early April to help launch their latest M3 platform – M3X – at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) in mid-May. We had less than three weeks to learn the ins and outs of the company, product offerings, comprehensive modularity and connectivity of their systems, and the defense space itself. (Thankfully, the 4,000 industry acronyms became second nature once we learned how to use them). To add to the challenge of urgency, we had very little to work with: no name, no photography, no logos, no copy, no communications, no nothing. Still, we rose to the occasion.

Project Types

Creative Strategy
Integrated B2B Campaign
Graphic Design
Art Direction
Trade Show Graphics

We quickly learned the details of their comprehensive product systems and performed market research to discover the best ways to reach global defense audiences and communicate with them in ways that would resonate. We conducted a creative sprint with all-hands-on-deck to ensure that we exceeded expectations and delivered an integrated campaign that was as robust and performance-focused as the product itself.

We wrote, created, designed and produced a variety of sales materials for the trade show, including an M3X brand brochure, sales sheet with specs/details and a PowerPoint sales presentation.

At the SOFIC trade show, we also conducted market research, interviewing attendees and ultimately delivering a competitive analysis and audit of competitor design and communications materials. Attending the trade show was a top-secret task for our top-secret brass, who may or may not have had the time of their lives checking out the latest defense technology, skydiving in virtual reality, and attempting to land fighter jets in first-person simulators. We can neither confirm or deny their reports.


Mission Accomplished.

Cubic’s top leaders were thrilled with the work AG created to help them sell DTech’s new product system. After the success and overwhelming interest generated at the trade show, AG rolled out additional tactics for DTech’s M3X program, including a landing page, social media content, press releases as well as a full-line, comprehensive M3 product catalog. Finally, seeing our work showcased at the show made the AG members who attended feel great pride in doing something to not only help keep global military defenses safe but also our own U.S. special forces.