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We made a huge splash for My Aquarium.



Our client needed to create waves and generate downloads for their new app.

Having an aquarium in the home is an extremely rewarding experience with many benefits. It’s relaxing, therapeutic, visually stimulating and is enjoyed by people of all ages. However, it is an educationally-based purchase, meaning to set up and maintain an aquarium, it takes learning the basics to get started successfully and on your way. Having built Tetra’s brand as a leader in the category with a focus on education to get people into the hobby, the concept of an app was a natural extension of that. Aquarium keeping apps designed to help those with busy lives become interested in aquariums or take care of their existing aquariums were few and far between, and offered little help. A prime opportunity for Tetra to lead that charge. This app was also strategically developed to ultimately track customers' purchases, aquarium data and usage to be used by Customer Service to better serve and up-sell the consumer.

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To launch Tetra® brand’s new My Aquarium app and create awareness, AG wanted to prove to anyone new to fishkeeping how easy the app is to use and how much it can help simplify essential tasks for even the busiest of families. Targeting the on-the-go consumers of today’s digital world who want to learn, have access to support and keep tabs on their tank needs, we brought a broad, integrated launch campaign to life. The elements included a launch video, features and functions video, water testing video, landing page, print and online ads, mobile ads, email, web banners, a contest, Facebook boosts, retailer tank clings, shelf talkers, and robust PR for both trade and consumer publications in print and online. At the center of the campaign was a fun, active family, The Bergmans. "With three busy kids, two working parents, a dog and one new aquarium" – the idea was to convey that if the Bergmans could succeed at their new aquatic adventure with the help of the My Aquarium app, anyone could.

“We created the My Aquarium app in response to research focused on the challenges associated with the hobby. It's a prime example of our commitment to providing consumers with the support, advice and help they need to succeed."

John Fox , Division Vice President, Aquatic Marketing, Spectrum Brands, Inc. – Pet, Home & Garden


Waves were made. Apps were downloaded.

Six months after the launch of the campaign, the My Aquarium app received nearly 35,000 downloads. The app is still available as a free download in the Apple, Google Play and Amazon app stores.