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Adhezion Biomedical

Preserving the Brand


Elevating our client’s brand image and visibility.

Adhezion Biomedical develops and produces cyanoacrylate products used for wound closure and wound care by a broad range of surgical and medical disciplines. While their product names are well known, their company brand was not as visible. Our firm was hired to update their website, enhance the user experience, modernize their image, and improve their SEO.

Project Types

Creative Strategy
Website Design & Development

Anderson developed a new site structure that made the user experience more intuitive, products easier to find, and the company brand much more visible. Modern color coding and imagery now embody the brand’s commitment to innovation and superior performance. Our onsite SEO processes also ensured the website was much more appetizing for search engines.


Within a very short time, our client’s new website rose from 5th page or lower on search results to front page rankings for all their major brand names. Rankings also went from 5th page to the #2 spot for their product category nationally. Now those are results worthy of this incredible brand!

Check it out:  Adhezion.com

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