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UGI Utilities

We mobilized builders, making them easier to find.



Our client needed to find a way to support one of their most loyal audiences.

To help UGI Utilities in their effort to continue supporting homebuilders and encouraging the use of gas water heating, we designed a unique app called "Find n'Build" that would help give builders greater visibility. To gain insight into developing the app, we participated in UGI’s company-wide strategic planning process and conducted internal communications audits as well as various research programs on both the commercial and retail side. We also acted as an internal consultant for UGI’s current brand platform and assisted in developing UGI’s first customer call-tracking process and script.

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Designed to help buyers explore different builders and new homes, the Find n'Build app features a custom-home search that focuses exclusively on local builders in central and northeastern Pennsylvania. The app also includes engaging consumer content that helps UGI shift the conversation from "gas water heaters" to "lower living costs."

UGI Utilities serves nearly 700,000 customers in 45 counties across Pennsylvania.


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Visit Google Play or the App Store to download the free app today and make finding a local home builder quick and easy.