Featured case study | Gloria GloFish Integrated Launch Campaign

Gloria GloFish Integrated Launch Campaign


Introduce “fluorescent fish” to aquarium enthusiasts nationwide.



Capitalize on a new growth opportunity in an industry that's not swimming in new growth opportunities.

As the market leader, Tetra® sets the bar for innovation, product development, and user education. Early on, it saw the potential in a new species called GloFish® fluorescent fish to revolutionize the aquatics category. Our team was asked to research brand awareness and interest among home aquarium enthusiasts, and eventually launch a full line of GloFish hard goods (kits, décor, lighting, filtration, nutrition, and water care) to be sold through mass retail, pet specialty, and independent retailers nationwide.

Project Types

Public Relations
Graphic Design
Art Direction
Point of Purchase Display
Social Media
Search & Display Ads
Website Design & Development

Our first study showed high growth potential across several audience types, but education about how and why the GloFish species was created was essential not just for consumers but also retailers. Our integrated market launch not only included retailer education and merchandizing support but also a targeted cross-channel consumer campaign including digital ads, social engagement, rebates, enewsletters, contests, and product promotions.

The home aquarium industry represents an average of 11% of the more than $70 billion pet industry.

In 2013-2014, we conducted our first study to determine awareness and interest in GloFish®. The study revealed a high growth potential across several segment types. Building on these insights, AG developed a targeted, national program: One that would inform store personnel and supply them with in-store merchandising support. The other program would target consumers using an integrated, cross-channel campaign including direct social engagement, online advertising, contests, rebates, enewsletters, and product promotions all to create awareness and continue to drive customers to purchase.


6% growth in purchase of new aquariums 2014-2015

A follow-up survey conducted one year after market launch showed the introduction of GloFish products grew ownership of home aquariums by 6%—an unprecedented increase for a category that had been flat for a decade.