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We saw the future of fishkeeping, and it was fluorescent.



Capitalize on a new growth opportunity in an industry that's not swimming in new growth opportunities.

As the market leader, Tetra® sets the bar for being a leader in the aquatics category, not only for product development but also for user education. As an extension of their marketing team, we play an integral role in helping identify new growth opportunities in the industry. One of those opportunities was the introduction of a new, exciting species: GloFish® fluorescent fish.

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Originally, GloFish® fluorescent fish weren’t bred to be commercially sold; they were created by scientists at the National University of Singapore with the intent to develop a system to monitor water quality in coal mines. Their plan was to breed fish that could fluoresce in the presence of toxins and then return to their non-fluorescent color in clean water. To achieve this, the team added fluorescent protein genes, originally isolated from jellyfish and several other coral reef species, into fish embryos. Recognizing its commercial viability to revolutionize the aquatic category, Yorktown Technologies, L.P. bred GloFish® livestock in the United States. Tetra entered into an exclusive agreement with Yorktown to develop a complete line of GloFish® products and asked AG to bring it all to market. These “hard goods” consisted of aquarium kits, décor, lighting, filtration, nutrition and water care to be sold through mass retail, pet specialty and independent retailers throughout the U.S.

The home aquarium industry represents an average of 11% of the more than $70 billion pet industry.

In 2013-2014, we conducted our first study to determine awareness and interest in GloFish®. The study revealed a high growth potential across several segment types. Building on these insights, AG developed a targeted, national program: One that would inform store personnel and supply them with in-store merchandising support. The other program would target consumers using an integrated, cross-channel campaign including direct social engagement, online advertising, contests, rebates, enewsletters, and product promotions all to create awareness and continue to drive customers to purchase.


6% growth in purchase of new aquariums 2014-2015

To measure the success of the marketing program, TAG conducted another survey in 2014-2015 of GloFish product ownership. Results showed that the introduction of GloFish products had grown ownership of aquariums by 6%. It also revealed motivational factors, which we used to fine-tune our marketing strategies, messaging and channels. For instance, of three consumer segments––families with young children showed the highest potential for growth and where the bulk of our marketing efforts should be focused, validating Tetra’s investment in marketing GloFish.

Recognizing the enormous growth potential of GloFish®, in September 2017, Tetra purchased GloFish from Yorktown Technologies, L.P.

  • Continued sales growth
  • Retailer adoption – more breeds of GloFish
  • Customized GloFish POS for greater impact in-store
  • Ongoing expansion of product lines
  • Expanding targeted audiences to include and focus on children