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My Aquarium App Integrated Launch Campaign

Armstrong Flooring

We brought new meaning to making impact.



Our client needed a better way to tell the story of the superiority of Diamond 10™ Technology.

Diamond10™ Technology is a patent-pending innovation from Armstrong Flooring that harnesses the properties of real diamonds to create the highest scratch, stain, and scuff resistant Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) flooring in the industry. Armstrong approached us to help them launch this revolutionary technology at two leading industry trade shows – GlobalShop in Las Vegas and NeoCon in Chicago – for two key audiences, commercial office and specialty retail. The key directive of Armstrong was to communicate the supreme durability and stain/scuff resistance in a memorable, and out of character format. Understanding the typical behavior that occurs in your average office setting, who couldn’t relate to the frustration that occurs when the copy machine refuses to cooperate!

Project Types

Creative Strategy
Integrated B2C Campaign
Graphic Design
Art Direction
Trade Show Graphics
Booth Design
Social Media

For the events, we not only produced an attention grabbing, crowd drawing demonstration video that captured the product benefits of Diamond 10 Technology, we designed and developed Armstrong’s full-scale booth and graphics. A series of six cut-downs of the full video were created for use on social media and to drive traffic from emails to their website product page.

"I think it is one of the best videos we have for catching people's attention and could be used in a campaign again."

April Hoelscher , Sr. Marketing Manager, Commercial Flooring


We smashed expectations.

Not only was the work a big hit at both events, our client's email campaign featuring the video outperformed past campaigns with an open-rate average of 35%, which is 10% above the manufacturing industry's standard. Also, in a little over a year, the spot became the second-most-viewed commercial video on Armstrong Flooring's YouTube channel. The client also ran a (:30) teaser ad of the video on YouTube to drive traffic to their website that generated 6,615 views from 355,486 ad impressions.